30 years of excellence
South Africa / Australia

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Over 30 years of excellence
O SureGuide was started in 1992 with the introduction of the 30-series Return SureGuide.
O Between 1994-1996, the larger sized 40- & 50- series Return SureGuides were introduced to accommodate larger belts sizes.
In 2006, our specialised TSG frame was designed and patented in South Africa.
O On 1st April 2011, SureGuide opened a factory in Melbourne, Australia. This allowed faster delivery times and improved service to the Australian and Asia Pacific Regions. In the same year, the Reversible SureGuide was introduced offering a much-needed solution to tracking issues on reversible conveyor belts.
O In 2018, SureGuide introduced the Impact Bed, providing a high quality, low friction loading point to handle the impact of the mined ore at transfer points along the conveyor system.
Our Team
Chantal Hupertz

Mark Hupertz

Andrew Pocock

Nicky Hupertz
Chantal oversees the financial and administration functions at SureGuide South Africa
Mark is the technical architect of the SureGuide products.
Andrew is responsible for operations at SureGuide Australia.
Nicky oversees the financial and administration functions at SureGuide Australia.
" We demand the highest levels of ethics from our staff and our distributors. We believe that all business should be done in a professional and transparent manner. SureGuide has grown to be a well-established, reliable company with customers across all industries around the world, including South Africa, Australia, Holland, Sweden, Chile, Canada, USA, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, and many more. From design, through production, to delivery, our focus is to provide the highest quality belt tracking products and service."
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